Plans, specifications, job orders, inspection reports and more.... all these documents are essential to running a construction project. Every single detail of information in the construction layouts needs to be accurate and properly disseminated across different subcontractors.

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For a typical building, plans and drawings may range from a few hundreds to several thousands of documents. This gets multiplied when revisions are issued throughout the project. Managing these documents manually meant printing multiple versions and tracking the latest version is even harder. Millions of dollars are wasted due to design errors and miscommunication between architects, civil engineers, designers, and contractors.

As such, investing in a document management system to electronically track the latest plans and layout can save any construction company a lot of time and money. Document management is essential to ensuring everyone in the project is working based on the latest plan.

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    Central Document Storage

    Attaché can be utilized as central storage of documents so that project managers, architects, designers and contractors are viewing the same set of plans and specifications. Past revisions can also be reviewed when needed. This ensures everyone in the project are updated with the latest plans and revisions are clearly documented.

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    Plans and Collaboration Layout

    Floor plans, electrical and mechanical layouts can be uploaded into the system for review and comment. Review comments can be made electronically by drawing on top of the document. This makes a great tool for collaboration as architects and designers can draw and superimpose their comments on top of the plan. This means faster coordination and collaboration as they can give comments immediately and discuss in real-time without waiting for an appointment to be set for everyone.

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    Work Orders

    By giving access to subcontractors, work orders can be managed within Attaché. The project manager may issue multiple work orders to different subcontractors, and subcontractors can view their work orders immediately. The status of each worker are updated and accessible to everyone. This ensures that parties involved in a certain work order are able to access all relevant information including plans, specifications, permits, due dates, checklists and more.

    Using our task management, deadlines are clearly set and progress can be reported. Once a work order is done, subsequent work orders can be issued to ensure efficient continuation of tasks between subcontractors.

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    Inspection Reports and more

    Inspection reports can be submitted using our mobile app that allows inspectors to capture photos of the work completed. Similarly, videos captured from drones can uploaded on the system for reference. These photos and videos can be associated to certain items in a checklist or inspection report as evidence of completion or defect.

Attaché is a flexible and easy-to-use document management that can be used for many industries including construction companies. By leveraging technology, construction companies can organize their documents and tasks electronically making their work easier and giving them more time to focus on their real business - designing and building.

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