Human Resource / Administrative

Managing human resource can be quite a daunting task especially with large workforces. Managing and securing employee records is likewise difficult when managing them manually over piles of folders and cabinets. HR is burdened by paperwork and this is not helping them improve human relations.

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A document management system for human resource will help HR alleviate problems with physical storage of documents by scanning and storing all documents electronically. Employee records are organized and centralized on a single access point giving everyone in the HR access to consistent employee files. Similar system can be used for recruitment so that resumes of applicants are stored in a server which can be used for future reference.

HR processes can also be managed with workflow automation. Processes like job applicant processing, employee onboarding and promotions can be managed through the system so that activities are performed in a timely and consistent manner. Everyone in HR are kept abreast of their tasks and due dates, managers are well-informed of the progress of each activity giving managers ability to swiftly act of critical items.

Similarly, documents that are managed by an organization’s administrative office can managed and stored on a document management system so that they can be easily retrieved when needed.

With Attaché Docs, HR and Admin will be freed up from handling papers and documents and will able to spend more time doing their job.

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